The Happy Foundation is a private charity. It is a trust to be used for care and prevention of cruelty to animals in India. The final determination of grant applicant funding is at the sole discretion of the Foundation Trustees.

Organization Requirements

• Minimum of two years of financial data
• Registration Certificate
• No government agencies
• Organization must primarily benefit animals (not people) in India and operate only in India
• Provide the animal with the opportunity to lead a natural and happy life

Program Areas and Priorities

    Organizations that do not have a web presence are of particular interest as well as Neuter programs. Grant recipients must provide an interim report in six months after receiving the item describing how useful the item had been and how many animals benefitted from it.

Grant Types Funded

    • Spay / Neuter grants
    •  Individual Project grants –These are generally one-time purchases or to fulfill a short-term need. Examples include purchases (anesthesia machine, surgical supplies, etc.)
    • Facility upgrades – May include replacement of kennels/cages, dog runs, kennel/cattery enhancements

Grant Types Not Funded

    •  Fundraising expenses and sponsorship
    • Indirect costs or overhead expenses
    • Travel

Grants for organizations without a funding history will be considered after a detailed due diligence is carried out

Grant Application Form

Please read and follow the instructions to properly complete this application. Applications must be typed or written clearly and filled out correctly to be considered for funding. The form is divided into three parts. The first part is to get a basic understanding about the organization. The second part is about the items requested. The third part is the financial data. Applications will take 6-8 weeks to process

Part 1

  1. Name of Organization and Website (if any):

  2. Address:

  3. Telephone Number:

  4. Date Established:( mm / dd / yyyy)

  5. Date and place of Incorporation:

  6. Have you previously applied to The Happy Foundation for Animal Welfare for a grant?

  7. Contact person for this project:

  8. Designation:

  9. Email

  10. Mobile No.

  11. Is the contact person a volunteer or a paid employee?

  12. List of Board of Directors

  13. No. of Employees employed by the organization, no. volunteers, and all their
    designations/ roles within the organization.

  14. Number of Animals and its species under your care at the moment

  15. How many animals can your organization care for at one time?

  16. Mission of the organization:

  17. Brief History of the Organisation:

  18. Brief Description of the Organisation’s programmes in the past one year.
    (May include supporting documents and photographs)

  19. Name of 6 major donors and the amount of support given by each in the last two years.

Part 2

  1. What are two of your most important needs for the animals under your care and its costs.

  2. How many animals would directly benefit by this item?

  3. The land and building where the animals are housed is: (Please tick one)
    • Owned by a Government Agency  
    • Long-term lease:Rent: 
    • Owned: 

  4. Do you turn away or postpone accepting any animals? If yes, how many?

  5. How many animals are owner-surrender animals?

Part 3

  1. Please submit the last two years of your financial data. We would primarily need you to list income details from different sources and all your expenses.

  2. Are your Accounts audited?

  3. If yes, who is the auditor?

I have completed and reviewed all information contained within this grant application and to the best of my knowledge all information provided is accurate and true. Completing all requirements does NOT guarantee that the organization I represent will receive any funding. I understand that final determination of grant funding is at the sole discretion of the Foundation Trustees.



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