The Happy Foundation for Animal Welfare has been set up to honour the life of a very dear member of our family. Happy quietly slipped into our lives back in 1994 and in his own cute little way taught us important lessons on unconditional love and compassion for all animals.

He gave us so much love, joy and true to his name, constantly reminded us to always be Happy. I cannot think of a better way to honour his memory than to create this Foundation to help animals most in need. Because if it wasn’t for him, I would have never understood the beautiful animal kingdom we share our planet with.

The principal function of the Foundation is to accept donations and legacies and to apply such monies exclusively to the benefit of animals. In addition, the Foundation does not receive funding from any level of government, which means we are not vulnerable to political pressure in the work we undertake and fund.

To be considered for funding, our application form needs to be filled out in detail along with financial data of the previous two years. Applications are welcome year round from all over India.

The Foundation is mostly interested in funding those organizations that do not have a web presence to highlight their cause that would otherwise be unheard.

The Foundation will try and visit all the organizations that have applied for funding to conduct a due diligence.One of our main policies is not to donate cash, but to donate items that would make an animal’s life more comfortable and easier and to empower the humans looking after the animals.These can range for example from an AC unit to construction costs for a new kennel to salaries for humane employees that genuinely love animals. These are examples and the Foundation is open to funding any item that will make an animal’s life easier.

Cash is not given to ensure that the money is used for the right items. Even after items have been donated, we would visit the organization to make sure the items are being used for the comfort of the animals.

Our own Accounts are always open for inspection and all our expenses can be checked with receipts.

The foundation does not fund government agencies or indirect costs.

(Registration No. 3,249 /Book No. Vol 4/ Vol No. 3,572 on page 65-71 on May 24, 2010)

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