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Founder’s Note


December 8th is Happy’s 3rd Death Anniversary. He had been with us for 14 years and in those days, I just couldn’t imagine life without him. It is safe to say that not a day goes by when I don’t think of him. His last couple of years had been rather difficult as he had developed diabetes and later became blind. The 7 days before he passed away were awful. He had lost the use of his hind legs and I rushed him to four different vets. They all gave him the wrong treatments which eventually led to his demise. The poor guy suffered a lot and I am not able to forget those 7 days. I was all alone at the time and didn’t have a single support system in place and was completely panicky.

However, what happened right after he passed away was truly miraculous and there is no other explanation other than saying Happy orchestrated it to give us peace of heart. Happy was given the full Hindu cremation ceremony usually reserved for Hindu priests at Vrindavan, the birth place of Lord Krishna. He had four priests at his cremation chanting ancient Sanskrit verses to pray for his soul. Most humans only get one priest. It was such a beautiful ceremony and words cannot describe the magic in it (image below). Nothing was planned and yet everything went off perfectly and easily.

However, the guilt still remains with me and my determination in not letting his death be in vain led me to create The Happy Foundation for Animals. I hope we can do our bit to ease the suffering of the animals in India through this foundation. You can read about our different projects and how you can support us on http://www.happyfoundationforanimals.org/projects.html


Sterilizations / Neutering

Rs. 5,000 (US$110) will help us sterilise 10 female dogs in a remote village in the hills. If one female dog gives birth to an average of 7 puppies, we are preventing the birth of 70 unwanted puppies who will have to fight for food, shelter and a loving home. E-mail us at info@happyfoundationforanimals.org if you are interested to contribute towards this cause. We will be holding a sterilization camp in a small town called Almora in March 2011.


← Sterilization surgery by a Delhi vet during the last Animal Birth Control Camp that took place in May 2010
Conference on Working Animals     

I had the privilege of attending The 6th International Colloquium on Working Equids last week and it definitely was an eye-opening experience. A range of experts in the field of working animals gave interesting and inspiring presentations on the most important issues related to working donkeys, horses and mules. I would like to share two issues that I learnt about among the many that were discussed over the four day period.

One of the obvious discussions were about donors and how in most of their experiences, donors often donated new vehicles to the villages to help them or the animals save time from walking long distances. As noble and thoughtful as the gesture is, the villagers would still not be able to use it as they couldn’t afford the petrol to run it, no spare tyres, no engine oil and lack of maintenance. So although the intentions are there, it is not very efficient, and so we learned the different ways of educating the donors on such issues.

We also learnt the importance of educating the working animal owners, who most of the time looked at their animals as sources of income and transportation rather than a living being. Educating them on simple aspects such as improving the quality of food that is given to them or improving the quality of harness that is put on them for carrying goods. Just these two simple procedures would reduce the number of times an animal got sick or injured, which meant less visits to the vet which led to less expenses and less sick days for the animals. Other than the interesting presentations, we all had a great opportunity to network and share our stories with our animal welfare colleagues from different parts of the world.


← Delegates discussing equine issues


Mumbai Adoptions


For over a decade now, In Defense of Animals, India, (IDA) has been working with a great deal of commitment in the field of animal welfare in Mumbai. From sterilising dogs on a very small scale, they have branched out into practically all aspects of animal welfare. They are currently involved in foster care, adoption, sponsorship, education for spreading awareness, care of old, injured and handicapped animals and campaigning for various animal causes. They help animals all over the city by means of their mobile vans that fan out daily responding to calls for help. They even have a van that plies throughout the night to see that no animal is left suffering on the road for hours at a time.  In keeping with the inherent promise in their chosen name, they have never hesitated to go to the defense of any animal in need of help and protection and this pertains specially to the very young and the abandoned. 

← Little Buster at IDA is currently looking for a home in Mumbai. If you or anyone you know are interested in adopting Buster, you can call IDA at 9320056595 or 9320056587.

 Greeting Cards

Gone are the days when we would excitedly open our mailbox to see if anyone had “written” us any letters or “posted” us any cards. I wonder if this generation even knows what I am talking about. In this electronic age, everything is online and sometimes greetings and good wishes can seem a bit impersonal. The Happy Foundation has launched a new fund-raising initiative where you can send a personalized birthday or anniversary or any other celebration such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentines Day card to your loved ones, and at the same time making a positive difference to the many animals suffering on the streets of India. A personalized birthday card and a photograph of the gift will be posted to the recipient so that they know what was given in their name.  All gifts will benefit the animals from fodder for the cows to contribution towards building a shelter to an emergency surgery required to save an animal’s life and everything in between. If you would like to send a card, email us at info@happyfoundationforanimals.org

;Greeting Card   Greeting card



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