January 2011

Founder’s Note

Happy New Year to all of you. I wish you all a magical 2011 filled with loving wishes and beautiful thoughts. I also want to wish all the animals that live in loving and caring homes a fabulous 2011 and hope they are able to train their owners even more into becoming compassionate human beings. Use their charm to lure their owners into longer walks in greener fields. It works wonders for both owner and pet. For those animals that are not so lucky, I hope we can do our bit to help reduce their suffering.  Everyday, I read about some horror or the other in the field of animals. The videos make me sick and I often wonder how things came to be like this. I do regularly upload these videos on to our facebook page and if you are interested in viewing them, you can join our page by clicking on the facebook link below.
The Happy Foundation for Animals has had a busy month and I am excited to share with you our work on two projects. The first two sections talk about our projects and the last three sections are stories of the unnecessary suffering the animals go through. Happy Reading!

Just a small note, we will not be sending out a newsletter in February as we will be attending the India for Animals Conference in Chennai. http://indiananimalsfederation.org/index.php/conference-concept.html Watch out for our March newsletter which will be packed with lots of information about what happened at the conference plus an update of all our work.

Animal Home in Delhi    
Work has begun on the Animal Home Project by Kalyani Animal Welfare Foundation (KAWF). We have managed to help them secure a nice large piece of land plus some of the construction costs. The pictures below show the space in which the Animal Home will come up in. I have been told that some walls have come up, unfortunately those photographs are not ready as yet. However, they still need lots of support for the interiors of the Home such as beds for the dogs, heaters, feeding bowls, leashes, medicines and some basic vet equipment. The Animal Home will house abandoned, old, diseased and disabled animals and will live in a home atmosphere. We still need your help. E-mail us at info@happyfoundationforanimals.org if you are interested to help us out.

Radha Surabhi Goshala


We have added a new project to the Foundation. The Radha Surabhi Goshala(www.radhasurabhi.com) is a goshala (cow shelter) for abandoned, injured and sick street cows, located in a small village called Radha Kund in Uttar Pradesh, India. The goshala is run by Ms. Sudevi from Germany with a few local helpers to assist her in the daily tasks of feeding and giving medical attention. Many of the cows that reside at the goshala have leg injuries and have learnt to balance or walk on three legs. There are also cows that are paralyzed and supported on specialized cow slings several hours a day to ensure they are upright to help blood circulation. With no medical knowledge prior to the goshala, Sudevi has learnt how to put bandages, clean wounds and straighten broken legs, as there are no vets in the vicinity. The most special part of the goshala is the barn where cows who do not have much longer left to live, reside. The Maha-Mantra (sacred vedic texts) chants are played the entire day on a sound system and the cows leave their bodies listening to these sacred chants.

Paralysed cow put up on a cow sling. The maha mantra chants are  playing in the background

Sudevi with a dying cow.

Feeding the cows healthy and nourishing food costs about Rs300,000 (US$6,680) a month. She feeds them a mixture of a plant called 'bhusa' (cut dried stems of the wheat plant), pressed mustard seeds and cracked wheat to ensure they eat a balanced diet which also helps them to recover from their injuries and diseases quicker. The goshala is facing a shortage of food this winter due to lack of funds.  The other pressing need for the goshala is a hall to shelter the cows during the cold winters and heavy rains during the monsoon. The pillars have been put in place and she still needs Rs.150,000 (US$3,340) to complete the entire structure. We need your help. You can either click on the Donate button or e-mail us at info@happyfoundationforanimals.org if you are interested to help us out.

Two attendants conduct a small surgery on a cow’s broken leg. If you look carefully, you will notice that the cow’s hind leg is also broken.

 The half-constructed hall is in the background. We need help to complete the construction so that the cows have shelter from the rain and cold.
 Karuna Society’s Anti-Plastic Campaign

In all big and small cities in India, cows are often let loose on the streets to scavenge in garbage to save the cost of natural feed and grass. There are an enormous number of plastic bags in the street garbage and many contain leftover food that attracts the cows to eat them. These polythene bags get stuck in the cow’s first stomach (Rumen). These plastics cannot be digested and so accumulate in the stomach over time resulting in a slow death as the cows are not able to ruminate with proper grass and feed. In addition, the poor animals are in constant pain and bloat up to such an extent that they are often mistaken as pregnant. But, it is not a calf they are carrying, but kilos and kilos of plastic bags. As much as 65 kgs of plastic has been removed from one cow’s stomach during a life-saving operation performed at Karuna Society’s cattle hospital.
Between December 4, 2010 and now, seven rumenotomies have been performed. For 3 animals the surgery was too late to save their life.  Four are doing well and are under observation. The postmortem of the cows that did not survive showed it was caused by plastic ingestion of 40 kg. For the cows that did survive, approximately 42 kgs of plastic were removed from their stomachs. Each operation took approximately 2 hours. The four cows are now on an all grass diet. This is a cruelty most people are not aware off, when they see the animals walking in the street. Think about the big cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and how many animals are suffering everyday.

  Emergency surgery was performed in the presence of the cattle owners to show how much their cattle suffer when they let them walk free in the streets to feed on garbage instead of natural feed

Animal testing

Here is a list of a few popular brands that Do test on animals:
Max Factor, Neutrogena, L'Oreal, Maybelline, Garnier, Dove, Pantene

Here is a list of a few popular brands that Do Not test on animals:
Almay, Avon, Bare Essentials, Lush, MAC, Mary Kay, Revlon, Victoria’s Secret

Kissing the Animals Good-Bye
Here is a video of what happens in over-crowded shelters in the West. Too many animals and not enough space to put them in. Hundreds of animals are put down everyday. I warn you that it is difficult to watch. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJZuHv6Y0Ww
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