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Founder’s Note


Dear Readers,

While I was planning and conceptualizing The Happy Foundation for Animals, I was reading a book titled ‘Three Cups of Tea’ by Greg Mortenson. The book is about one American man’s dream to build schools for girls in Pakistan. His story of how he planned to build just one school to repay the kindness of one isolated village that saved him when he had lost his way and fallen ill while he was mountaineering in the area and what came about after that is truly amazing. He went back to America, tried to raise funds and even lived in his car for a few months so that he could save more money to build the one school he promised on the other side of the world. It took him a long while to raise enough money and when he excitedly returned to Pakistan, he was told they couldn’t build the school just yet due to some justifiable issues. It took him two whole years before he could make that first school a reality. He was than ready to pack his bags and return home. But destiny had other plans for this American. It has been 15 years since that first school was built and today, Mortenson has helped build 164 schools for girls in the remote regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan.


You are probably wondering why I am sharing this story with you. Firstly, the book inspired me and as a result, one of the foundation’s main objectives is to focus on remote areas where animals have little or no care. Secondly, we have had some issues come up with the Meerut Shelter, and as a result had to put that project on hold for now. The animals of Meerut really do need our help and I hope that shelter will become a reality one day soon. In the meantime, we are working on two new projects and you can read details and how you can help below. Namaste.



Almora Animal Birth Control Camp



Almora is a small picturesque district in North India and its people are still dependent on an agricultural way of life. Due to a shortage of adequate veterinary assistance, the villagers’ cattle and other animals do not have access to proper veterinary care.  Bhaumik Pashu Suraksha Samiti is an animal welfare and veterinary assistance provider in the region. Despite severe shortage of funds, Bhaumik toils in the region trying to reach the remotest villages to help the animals in need. They have recently started organizing animal birth control camps for stray and domestic dogs and cats and would like to make this an annual event. The camp also provides the opportunity for the villagers to bring their other animals such as cows, goats, pigs and so forth for medical assistance. They are planning to organize their third camp in March 2011. A team of two vets, 2 assistants and 1 dog catcher will be sent from Delhi to conduct the 5 day camp. They need a total of Rs50,000 (US$1100) for the sterilization operations, vets travel, medication plus other expenses to make this camp possible. We need your help. Below are two images from the Almora ABC camp that took place in May 2010.



Sterilization surgery by a Delhi vet                Preparing a stray dog for surgery



Animal Home New Delhi

Kalyani Animal Welfare Foundation (KAWF) ( is building a different kind of animal shelter where animals are free to roam about during the day, given proper meals, groomed when required and full medical care when they fall ill or hurt themselves. Their focus will be on providing for the abandoned, old and diseased animals that others do not give a second look to or would consider their lives not worth saving. 
The trustees have worked very hard on creating and designing a shelter that sees the comfort of the animals residing there with separate sections for diseased animals, healthy animals, pregnant animals, elderly animals and recently abandoned animals as they all have different needs. They have also planned the spaces so that 60% of the space will be an open area for the dogs to run around freely and to play. The shelter will also include a vet clinic with a fully equipped operation theatre and boarding facility to help generate financial support to run the animal home.

The Happy Foundation has agreed to help support the construction of one dog house that will be able to home 20 dogs and consists of sleeping spaces for them, a small room for their caregiver, amenities such as fans, heaters, lights and other furniture required for the comfort of the dogs. We need your help to raise Rs.200,000 (US$4,400) to make this dog house a reality


The picture on the left is of a young 8 month old pup called Bibi rescued by KAWF. She was found on the street and very badly bitten by some other dogs. Her wound was so deep that a part of her intestine was hanging out of her body. The trustees of KAWF quickly rushed her to the vets. Unfortunately, after surgery, her hind legs became paralyzed. To ensure that Bibi could live as normal a life as possible, a wheel cart was ordered to help facilitate her movements and keep her spine straight. She still requires constant care and the love and affection she has received by KAWF has made her a happy and playful soul.


Bangalore Adoptions


‘Let’s Live Together’ is a volunteer-based animal helpline organisation in Bangalore, founded by Achala Paani who has been an animal activist for the past ten years. Their main role involves rescuing dogs, conducting adoption camps and awareness prrogrammes, putting up stalls at public gatherings and events so that they can find homes for the homeless animals. Achala says, “I truly hope my work helps create awareness and helps more animals in distress. If through my efforts I could sow a seed of compassion in the hearts of people, it’s all worth it.”

They hold adoption camps every Sunday at No. 3o, Karthika Clinic, 3rd Main, Rammohanpurm, Bangalore -21. For more details, you can e-mail them on or call them at +919986413916. The adoption timings are from 10:00 a.m – 4:00 p.m.  on Sundays.  Other than the adoption camps, Achala is regularly looking for volunteers who would be interested in fostering puppies or abandoned dogs until permanent homes can be found for them. For more details, check out her website


Black Beauty is looking for a forever home                        Ms Piggy is also looking for a home in Bangalore


I always like to end the newsletter with a small tidbit from around the world. The BUAV in the UK exposes the terrible plight of the monkeys in Mauritius, who are bred and than exported around the world for the international research industry and cruel experimentation. The video says it all. Please click to see.




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