October 2011

Founder’s Note


Dear Readers,
First of all, I would like to wish all my readers a wonderful and prosperous Diwali. It has been
a while since we sent out our last newsletter, mainly because we have been so busy at Happy Foundation. I have lots of interesting stories to share. Thanks also to those who have generously donated for the animals and helped them lead slightly easier lives. It also warms my heart that
several of you have asked me what has happened to the newsletter as they had'nt received it in a while. That gives me hope and motivation to share our stories with you.

When I first launched Happy Foundation a little over a year ago, Veganism was a completely foreign concept to me.I had heard of it vaguely, and only knew one person who was a vegan,
and seriously thought it was for the fanatics. The one person I knew once said to me that it isn't possible to work for animal welfare without being a Vegan. I clearly remember thinking to myself, how are the two so inter-linked. I shall continue championing the cause for the animals while enjoying my tandoori chicken!

Lo and behold, as I got deeper into the issue of animal cruelty, and the "inconvenient truths" were staring me in the face, I had no choice but to leave all meat products, very easily too. Taking leather out of my life was not a very difficult decision as I just had to tell myself, I was wearing a
dead cow and that did the trick for me. I am working on leaving dairy products, though I am not completely there yet. You clearly check out http://sharan-india.org/ who also assist those who are interested in making the switch and not quite sure how. The site is full of interesting tips and recipies and so much more. If you are based in Delhi, they are conducting an interesting workshop on 'Reversing Diabeties' the vegan way at the end of November.
Happy Reading!


Almora ABC Camp    

You may recall in our previous newsletters, we had sent out an appeal to raise funds for an animal birth control camp to take place in a small town to help control the growing dog population, as well as use that opportunity to help villagers treat their other animals. It was discovered that in the absence of an organized stray dog population control programme, the local municipalities were brutally poisoning the dogs to death or rounding them up and leaving them in the forest area as easy prey for the larger animals.

I am pleased to share with you that the camp took place at the end of May and was a huge success. In addition to Almora, the camps also took place in nearby towns of Ranikhet and Nanital. Here are the details:

Almora camp took place from May 2-8. 81 dogs were sterilized and vaccinated.
Ranikhet camp took place from May 9-12. 120 dogs were sterilized and vaccinated.
Nainital camp took place from May 13-17. 29 dogs were sterilized and vaccinated. 

In addition to that, additional treatment such as deworming, wound care, skin infection, mange treatment were provided to all the animals who were brought to the camp at no extra charge. A vet and an assistant team also went to the villages around Almora district and provided treatment to cows, goats, sheep, dogs and other animals. This was all made possible due to your support. Thank you.



The two images above show the actual surgery taking place.


The image on the left is the Prep area.


Noida SPCA

A couple of months ago, I had the opportunity to spend 3 days at Noida SPCA and it was a life-changing experience and I am grateful to have been able to view what happens at an animal shelter on a daily basis. I have new found respect for all shelter managers and the work that they endure. There were happy stories and sad stories. I saw a couple of groups of people come to donate food for the animals that reside there, in the same afternoon, I also saw a couple of families come and try to abandon their pets there. Those that don’t have the guts to do it openly, tie them to the gate in the middle of the night. I also saw several cases of paralysed dogs. I was feeling so sorry for them, but they seemed so happy with themselves and their paralysed limb seemed to be the least of their worries. The dogs were more interested in getting petted and fed.

 On the second day, I joined the ambulance run, and I was completely shaken up. Calls were coming in the entire day and the ambulance was rushing from venue to venue. Where the para-vet was able to treat the animal on site, it was done. If it was more serious, they were put in the ambulance. The wails of the dogs in pain were heart-breaking. At the end of that particular day, we had picked up 4 animals who needed medical treatment. It was a relief to arrive back at the shelter and make sure the dogs and one cat received the care they needed.

 On my last day there, two trucks had brought in two cows that had been in a road accident, and had broken their legs. Their chances of survival were grim and they were in a lot of pain. They had apparently been hit by a truck. It was very difficult to watch them lie there, and struggling to get up as they were not too sure what had happened to them.

 After spending 3 days at the shelter, I noticed that the Operating Room did not have an air conditioner. Temperatures were at a soaring 45 degrees centigrade in the summer and vets were performing sterilizations and other complicated surgeries in that heat. Happy Foundation donated an AC for the surgery room to help the vets perform better and a cooler atmosphere for the healing animal.

The Spitz in the photo was abandoned at the Noida SPCA during my 3 day visit. I spent some time with him and he was such a playful sweet guy.

The AC on the top left of the photograph was donated by Happy Foundation

Animal Legislation Workshop

Happy Foundation assisted the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO) to raise funds for a workshop on ‘How to use Indian Legislation to help the animals’. My experience in the past year has shown me that although animals do need a lot of improvement in their infrastructure of caring for them, the humans who look after them also have limited capacity and do feel lonely in this sector. The need for regular trainings to upgrade the skills of animal workers will only benefit the animal in the long run. Also, networking with like-minded individuals at such events helps individuals to share ideas and perhaps pool resources so that instead of 2 individuals fighting for the same cause separately, 2 individuals are fighting for the same cause together.  

The workshop was a huge success and we had 35 participants from all over India attend. There were sessions on Companion Animals, Farmed Animals, Animals used in Experiments and Wildlife and these were led by the leading animal welfare lawyers in India. We are very grateful to The Natural Tea Company in Hong Kong for donating the funds to organize this workshop.

 The workshop received excellent feedback and FIAPO is now looking forward to hosting it in different cities. We are helping them raise Rs.150,000 (US$3,000) to host the 2 day workshop for 30 participants to attend at subsidized fees. If you are interested in contributing towards this, email us at info@happyfoundationforanimals.org  The proceedings from the first workshop were filmed and the DVD set is available for sale. Email us if you are interested in purchasing a copy.


Session on Companion Animals conducted by Adv Anjali Sharma    Maj Gen (Rtd) Kharb, Chairman of the Animal Welfare Board of India opens the workshop with a few words of inspiration


Group work at the workshop Participants from across India attended the workshop in Delhi

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