Our First Newsletter September 1, 2010

Founder’s Note


Dear Readers,
We launched The Happy Foundation for Animals on August 18 and we have had an interesting first two weeks. I am overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of people who have so kindly come forward to help contribute towards the building of the animal shelter in Meerut which is our very first project. See the article below for details. We are also trying to start work on moving all the cows from the streets of Noida into friendly farms (gaushalas). Our ideas on how to go about this are still on the drawing board. If any of you reading this are based in Noida or Delhi and are interested to help with this project or have information they would like to share with us on this, please send me an E-Mail on info@happyfoundationforanimals.org I hope you enjoy reading this newsletter. I would be interested in hearing your comments on what you think and how we can make it better.


Meerut Shelter


Meerut is a small town located just a couple hours drive west of New Delhi. As it is still a developing city, most modern facilities are not in use. Till date, large animals are used to transport goods from one part of the city to another, very often, in extreme weather conditions. In summers, temperatures reach 45 degrees Celcius and animals are made to carry huge loads, very often with very little food and water. Education and awareness levels are not very high and the general public still do not understand that animals need to be well taken cared off. They are treated as mere commodities, and are tossed onto the streets once they are too old or too sick to work. There are no animal shelters in Meerut and all kinds of stray animals freely roam the city. As if ill-treating the animals is not enough, the residents of Meerut actually enjoy the act of killing

dogs as a form of entertainment. Most dogs are caught in the most brutal manner possible, and are either beaten to death or starved to death.

The Happy Foundation, in partnership with Jeev-Karuna (local non-profit organization) are collaborating to build an “ashram” for all the unwanted, sick and disabled animals. It would be a first of its kind in the city. We need your help to be able to build this home to reduce animal suffering and to educate the public about animal abuse. At this stage, all the donations received will go towards the construction of this Ashram (Shelter). We are trying to raise Rs.500,000 (US$12,000). In these two weeks we have managed to raise Rs.56,000 (US$1200). It’s a good beginning, but we still need your support to make this shelter a reality.


If you look carefully at these merciless men’s faces, you will see that they are actually smiling. This is a form of entertainment for them in the city of Meerut. We are trying to build an animal shelter there to help these helpless and voiceless animals.

Starving cows in Meerut eating rubbish.


Delhi Adoptions


Right now, homeless dogs all across India are fighting for their lives. With only scraps to eat, many starve to death. Others suffer broken bones and infected wounds, are killed by vehicles or are abused by cruel people. Countless more animals wait behind bars in animal shelters because there aren't enough good homes for them. Dog breeding is a cruel practice especially since dogs are kept in appalling conditions. Unsold puppies are normally killed and Mother dogs bred till they can’t breed no more. Once that happens, they are tossed on to the streets to fend for themselves. Can you imagine breeders making money out of this. If you and your family are looking to get a puppy in New Delhi, you can go visit the Sai Animal Welfare Ashram. It houses over 160 abandoned, stray and injured dogs and they often have pups and adult dogs for adoption. For more details, you can visit their site http://saiashram.blogspot.com/. Below are some of the pups available for adoption.

Vaccinated Puppies available for adoption at Sai Ashram in Delhi



If you look carefully on the left corner, you will see two breed dogs trying to keep out of the hot sun in the tiny shade available. The people that are breeding them keep the dogs there on the roof all day and all night in all types of weather with very little food, water and no bedding. They breed these dogs and sell their puppies for huge amounts of money due to demands for pedigreed dogs. We must put a stop to this cruelty
Vaccinated Puppies available for adoption at Sai Ashram in Delhi  

Animals Asia Foundation’s Investigation into Cruelty towards Circus Animals

Over the past 12 months, Animals Asia Foundation’s Chinese investigative team have visited 13 zoos and safari parks around China. What they found was a very depressing and sad tale. The barbaric treatment of animals during these circus-style performances and the appalling living conditions they are forced to endure is truly heartbreaking. Tigers and lions with their teeth and claws ripped out and bears with metal rings through their noses, forced to ride motorbikes, perform acrobatics and "box" each other while being beaten with sticks and punched; elephants forced to stand on their heads and walk on their back legs, tigers and bears made to ride on the back of horses, and monkeys forced into riding bicycles are all common at zoos and safari parks across the country. Once the performance ends the cruelty continues with animals housed in tiny cages, alone and in the dark, with little food and water. All their findings have been documented into a short film where they show the horrible abuse suffered by the animals forced to perform for the entertainment of people. The humiliation of the tricks, the cruel treatment of the animals and the appalling living conditions these animals endure throughout their miserable lives can be seen on this link http://www.environmentfilms.org/EF/Animals_Asia_The_Performance.html

Although, the film shows all the suffering of animals in Chinese zoos, I still wanted to share it with all of you as the animals of India go through a similar fate.  I must warn all of you that the film does show disturbing scenes of animal cruelty.


 Items in Kind


Ms. Neeta Seth has spent the last thirty years of her life tending to the stray animals in her locality. She has spent day after day after day, feeding approximately 50 dogs and cats in her vicinity, opening her home to any stray dogs and cats that need shelter and taking any sick or injured animal to the vet nearby. As a result, she has not been able to work anywhere full or part time nor lead any sort of personal life of her own. The Happy Foundation has offered to help her by providing one humane employee for one month to help her with the daily tasks of tending to the animals so that she has some extra time to start earning for herself. Till date, she has only depended on haphazard donations from various sources. Currently, she needs a few items to help her in her work. If any of you are able to spare one of the items mentioned in the list below, please call Neeta at 9891089974. They are:

  • · Deep freezer to store the meat for the animals food
  • · Rice
  • · Old Mattresses
  • · Bicycle so that she can easily move around her colony to feed all the stray animals
  • · Fans
  • · White-wash to make the living environment more pleasant
  • · Human biscuits and dog biscuits


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