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Founder’s Note


Dear Readers,
I am happy to share with you that The Happy Foundation for Animals has recently become a member of the Alliance of Animal Communicators Caring About Animals (AACCA) and has become it’s India representative.

Have you ever hung out with your pet and suddenly thought he/ she said something to you, and you dismissed it as your imagination? Chances are most likely you heard your pet communicate with you in the most natural form possible, heart to heart.
For those of you who think this is all hocus pocus, think carefully about body language
and what it implies. Someone holding an angry posture, or a happy posture and you can most possibly guess what that person is thinking. Go

one step deeper, and that is how animals communicate with each other and with their humans. They use mental telepathy to communicate in a variety of ways, via images, words, feelings or smell. I didn’t believe it myself initially. I would hear things but I dismissed everything as my imagination and only after Happy’s death, did I truly understand that we were communicating and that he was trying to get me to believe what I was hearing and I didn’t.
I remember one evening, when my husband was out of town, we had gone for a long late night walk. Towards the end of the walk, I heard this voice in my head that said, ‘Helen, M is looking for you, let’s hurry home’.  And Happy was running towards the direction of our house. I thought to myself, what a random thought out of nowhere and what rubbish, he isn’t even in town. Sure enough, as soon as I got home, I had 20 missed calls from my entire family who were worried sick about me.
I have several such examples. For more information on animal communication, you can read about it on AACCA’s website

Our Projects



Animal Home New Delhi
Kalyani Animal Welfare Foundation (KAWF) ( is building a different kind of animal shelter where animals are free to roam about during the day, given proper meals, groomed when required and full medical care when they fall ill or hurt themselves. Their focus will be on providing for the abandoned, old and diseased animals that others do not give a second look to or would consider their lives not worth saving.  The Happy Foundation has agreed to help support the construction of one dog house that will be able to home 20 dogs and consists of sleeping spaces for them, a small room for their caregiver, amenities such as fans, heaters, lights and other furniture required for the comfort of the dogs. The trustees have come up with their own fund-raising idea where they have created and painted special pots for Diwali (Indian New Year). Please support them in this cause which will help them to build the Animal Home for abandoned animals.

Each pot is Rs.300 (US$7). Please email if you are interested to purchase one. All proceeds will go to towards helping animals such as Bibi. (Pictured below).


Almora Animal Birth Control Camp
Animal populations are quickly increasing here in India, and as a result, there are too many animals suffering and not enough homes, vet care and food for them. The Happy Foundation is helping a small animal welfare organization, Bhaumik Pashu Suraksha Samiti, which is located in a small village in the mountains to conduct an Animal Birth Control Camp.

The camp also provides the opportunity for the villagers to bring their other animals such as cows, goats, pigs and so forth for medical assistance. They are planning to organize their third camp in March 2011. A team of two vets, 2 assistants and 1 dog catcher will be sent from Delhi to conduct the 5 day camp. They need a total of Rs50,000 (US$1100) for the sterilization operations, vets travel, medication plus other expenses to make this camp possible



← Sterilization surgery by a Delhi vet during the last Animal Birth Control Camp that took place in May 2010


Volunteer Udaipur



Have you ever wanted to help out at an animal shelter but didn’t know quite how to go about it? Here is a unique opportunity to combine a vacation where you can discover India and help animals at the same time.

Animal Aid Charitable Trust in Udaipur, Rajasthan is a hospital, shelter and “forever home” to street animals who are ill, injured or permanently disabled. Volunteers are warmly welcome to come either for an extended stay or even just for a few hours. Animals in the shelter include about 150 dogs, 40 donkeys, 60 cows and a few pigs.

Most of the animals are confined to their kennels, and they need stimulation, encouragement, special feeding, play time, walks and baths. There are several animals who need special hand-feeds if they are too sick to eat on their own. The animals always need special care to start the day, cleaning them up and getting them out and about. Donkeys appreciate being brushed and rubbed, and cows who can’t stand need help drinking. Sometimes you will give water using a big syringe; sometimes you’ll feed a calf with a baby bottle. Volunteers do not need prior experience working with animals and will be safely supervised as needed.

Founded in 2002 and directed by an American family, Erika, Jim and Claire, Animal Aid has been the destination of more than 400 volunteers from 30 countries. The staff are welcoming and friendly, and the animals themselves always open their hearts to volunteers and visitors within minutes of arrival! Please visit the website for more details on this Volunteer Opportunity


← Volunteers playing with the little pups




The staff feeding the rescued donkeys →



Pune Adoptions

Aishwarya is a college student who is keen on making a difference for the animals. Growing up in a family of animal lovers, she regularly rescues stray puppies and fosters them until they are adopted. She has allocated a small space in her home for them plus hired someone to help her look after them. Sunday is Vet day. Aishwarya’s vet comes over to check the puppies to make sure they are healthy, vaccinations are given and when they are ready, sterilized so that no more stray puppies are born. If you are interested in adopting a friend for life in Pune, please email her at You can also read her blog on where she regularly updates her readers on the puppies available and the latest adoptions. Below are two of the puppies that are looking for a forever home.



 The Silk Road


Mention the word silk and all kinds of luxurious, nay even decadent, images pop into one’s mind. God knows why because silk production is a horribly barbaric process.  Click on this link to read about the cruel process in which silk is produced:

It makes a very interesting read and I certainly learned something. I never realized how much suffering was involved in silk production.



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